Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is a design and development approach to make your website look great over all devices. The Navigation, images and content are designed in such a way that no matter what device your potential customer is using your business’s website will look great.

We achieve a great looking website by catering towards simplicity and ease of access over all mobile devices and the desktop. All images are optimised so that even on mobile devices with slower connections your website loads as quick as ever, and even faster than that on the desktop.

Why should you use Responsive Design?

With nearly 50% of the world’s internet users viewing sites on mobile devices, having a desktop only website for your business could cut out many potential customers. Utilising responsive design also takes out costs of developing a stand alone mobile website to allow customers to browse on a limited selection of devices.

Give me an example.

Want to know what a fully responsive website looks like? Simply resize your browser now and see this page change based on the size of your screen. This trick is created by little things called media-queries. Media-queries allow the page to use a different set of styling rules based on the characteristics of the device, this is mostly the browsers width.

Can I make my current site responsive?

Absolutely you can. However this process will vary depending on your current websites. Websites built in the mid 2000’s and previous may not be able to be converted over to a mobile friendly and cost and time would be better spent developing a whole new site built upon a new solid foundation like WordPress or Magento

What is the cost of a responsive website?

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